ARAS || Asociacion Rosarina de Ayuda Solidaria


Tutorin lessons


We provide more tan 200 students fom 8 to 18 years old tutoring lessons. We also deliver english lessons and we estimulate our pupils to reading, trough this we avoid teenagers wandering the streets of Rosario.

Lessons time are in the morning and in the afternoon from Monday to Saturday.




Biweekly, we do recreational activities these incluide: indoor and outdoor sporting competitions, visiting museums and cinemas. Besides we go on excursions as fishing, for instance. Aport from this, once a week the children participate in many recreational activities.

The school has a system of rewords.
We daily organize students sport activities like ping-pong, basketball, handball, football as a system of rewords to encourage good marks. Besides they take port in sporting competitions games inviting other partners from ather schools. We count with a sport centre facility and five profesional coaches.


Last Years, In the global market job is necessary bilingual professionals who have the ability to communicate with native speakers in English and also that they are able to read and to understand English instructions.




In 2013 we started our musical activities. Guitars, Keyboards, drum kit and bass guitar have sounded in the whole educational centre. Rehearsals by rehearsal students were improving their techniques and they were still practicing as hard as they can. Nowadays, we count with 35 pupils.
This musical project doesn`t have limits. As a consequence, last year we decided to invest in musical instruments such as acoustic box, microphones and other equipment.


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