ARAS || Asociacion Rosarina de Ayuda Solidaria




A common goal for is give the childs from Godoy, Santa Lucía, and Cabin 9 neighbor hoods tutoring lessons and job trainning courses that allow them a rapid integration into the labour market. Besides, we point out other activities such as cultural, social and moral education to help the childs development´s. A.R.A.S. has strategic alliances with a large number of companies. Thrugh this, achieves that our students get an adecuate integration into the labour market.
Another thing is, education and sporting activities reduce the level of addictions.


Cuatro Vientos try to give additional training to the trough tutoring lessons. In this way, childs and aud adolescence who belong to poor families have to equal opportunities when taking exams.
As aresult, we contribute that they continue studying at college or university.

In recreational area, we strongly believe in academic and sport training and also develop friend ship and overcoming.
In the sports area we will prepare two football fields and one volleyball field. Each students of our institutions will participate in this sporting activities for five hours a week.
There are two part-time P.E Teacher´s four our pupils.

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