ARAS || Asociacion Rosarina de Ayuda Solidaria

•   mission and vision   •

mission and vision


Return people to work culture as an effective and unique means of personal development and also as a menber of the society wer he she lives.

It is important to ensure the access to formal education like a fundamental and totally unavoidable children´s right. All the economic, social and personal resources are managed to future with equal opportunities for hall face the.

Develop, support and manage a wide variely of educational centres which are placed in city´s peripheral suburbs. We belive that ourjob is always necesary to stimulate the full development in adolescents and young adults.

Give advice and cooperate with civil organizations ( such as apolitical neighborhood association etc) and also governamental such as district and canty council. That want to work with us.


We have tought our students to develop consciouness of arduous work an ordinary midpoint through this, is that we can achieve human, spiritual and self-improvement to contribute to general welfare.

Assuming civic duties, reinforcing the integration betwen people and the surrounding área.

We desire that the students will be decent citizens for that reason we encourage the em in an active civic involvement.

Last but not least, we strangly believe in child´s personal growth, breaking down economic and cultural barriers to obtain a wothwile job.

We stand in favour of training optimistic and self-assertive persons to face the life itself.

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